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Sales Velocity

Our customers are seeing very impactful results to their sales pipeline #s. 

This is a measure of the dollars flowing through your sales pipeline daily.


Increase in Sales Velocity


Increase in # of Leads Captured


Increase in # of Pipeline Opportunities


Increase in Win Rates


Decrease in Sales Cycle

We offer Sales Training focused on Continuous Improvement and Access to a Cloud Based Marketing Automation Engine and Integrated Sales Pipeline System

Are you considering Sales Enablement and Marketing Automation software for your business.  Check out my comparison of the top 6 platforms.

Lead Scoring Provides Smooth Handoffs Between Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Accepted Leads


Do you need help developing a Sales and Marketing Roadmap?

Let us help you develop a sales strategy that keeps up with today’s empowered buyer


How efficient is your sales process?

We can help optimize and create an aligned sales system that allows you to focus on the bottlenecks and drive more streamlined results


Do you have a clear view into your sales pipeline?

Let us help you create a single dashboard to determine where your best leads are generated and capture valuable data from prospects through the entire sales process.


How Can Sales & Marketing Automation Drive Efficiencies 

“Dave helped me to find my ‘Why’ and become more conversational and authentic in my messaging and my pitch. Kaizen’s coaching methods helped to hold me accountable for sales activities and try new strategies and tactics to generate new clients.  I can directly attribute 2 new clients in the first 60 days of working with Kaizen Sales”


– Jesse Barlow – Entrepreneur / Video Content Strategist

“Dave’s Sales Workshop was fire!  Our entrepreneurs loved it.”  Jeremy Katz – Launch Coordinator, Rocky Mountain MicroFinance

Dave’s method for driving a sense of purpose into not only every major business decision, but each and every interaction results in an ongoing focus on process and continuous improvement around the people, plans and things that matter most. Clarity delivered.”

Bob Boyle – Founder, BE Media

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