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Step 3: Implement Technology to Improve Lead Nurturing, Visibility, and Predictability


“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it.” – Pete Drucker

Once you have evaluated and refined your sales processes and decided which parts to keep, which parts to tweak, and which parts to scrap, the next phase is adding technology to optimize and automate portions of your process. This implementation phase will not only free up time and energy for your entire sales force, it will also maximize the number of leads you can manage at once while tightening up your existing sales funnel.

Some of the most common roadblocks facing businesses today include:

  • Poor traction on leads

  • Lack of system to qualify leads

  • Lack of consistent method for nurturing leads

  • Communication gaps regarding follow-up from sales team

  • Inability to determine leaks in the pipeline

  • Immeasurability of data – specifically which tactics are driving revenue

Technology’s Effects on Inbound Lead Generation

Automating your workflows is one of the most efficient ways to boost sales while also targeting your marketing to reach specific client demographics. There are a variety of tools you can implement to dramatically enhance your inbound lead generation.

  • Fill your sales funnel by capturing leads with great content gated by dynamic forms.

  • Identify highly interested and sales-ready leads with lead scoring.

  • Develop leads that aren’t sales-ready by automatically putting them on nurturing campaigns.

  • Instantly notify your sales team when leads are ready to buy.

  • See exactly when leads exit your pipeline and take action.

  • Know which tactics are driving revenue with end-to-end ROI.

The Effects of Technology on Outbound Lead Generation

Technology can be extremely effective at enabling your sales team to be more productive and more efficient as they interact with customers and prospects on a daily basis.

As your sales organization continues down the road of digital transformation, here are a few of the tools that can make them more streamlined.

  • Cloud Based Platform to manage customer relationships
  • Prospect and Sales Rep Activity Tracking
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Social Listening
  • Lead Scoring