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I recently read an article on the Forbes website that stated

Only 2% of women owned businesses break the $1Million dollar mark.  And only 21% of VP’s in Sales are female.

To me, these are surprising statistics, because I consider women to be much more naturally gifted at SELLING than their male counterparts

I thought I would ask a few of my women entrepreneur friends their thoughts on how they approach selling and here are the common threads to their responses.

  • Authenticity

  • Humility

  • Selflessness

  • Purpose

  • Honesty

We can all learn a lot from these powerful ladies, so here goes.


Jade Baranski, CEO JoyLab (Inclusive Marketing Crusader)

Jade is the CEO of JoyLab ( and is an inspiration to everyone she connects with.  She has a certain authenticity about her that cannot be taught, and it is extremely valuable in building trust with potential customers



“Be yourself, truly. Sell something that creates impact that you believe in. Never give discounts and never under value your worth.”

Jade is the perfect combination of visionary and action. They have a knack for seeing the big picture of marketing, and finding out-of-the-box ways to bring an authentic cohesive message that sparks joy and ignites change. With a genuine enthusiasm fueling everything she does, Jade works to increase her team’s collective impact, one partner at a time.

Regan Petersen – Co-Founder, Fitzgerald Petersen Communications

Regan is a superstar in the Denver business community. She was voted in the top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals Colorado Business for 2014.

Regan focuses on 2 very important aspects of selling that also go a long way toward establishing trust.  LISTENING and HUMILITY.


“Listen. Listening to more senior professionals and learning from them is the best advice I have ever received. So often, early professionals are seeking to set themselves apart by slick presentations or aggressive sales pitches…this can lead to missing the mentoring process in their career. Be humble enough to listen to executives and mirror their success, and learn from their mistakes.

She has run her own successful PR Agency for 13+ years, with clients such as Walmart, Cirque du Soleil, Disney on Ice and the Clyfford Still Museum. Regan manages the McDonald’s Colorado public relations program, increasing positive visibility by 250 percent in the past eight years.

We should all LISTEN to her advice!

Cathy Hartigan – President, Hartigan Power Equipment

Cathy has been President of Hartigan Power Equipment for 10 + years.  She operates in a world that is very old school and traditionally dominated by men.  Her advice focuses on CUSTOMER SERVICE and it proves why HPE has been so successful for so long.


“ Instead of considering what you do ‘selling’, consider your mission to be to ‘meet and exceed your customer’s needs,’ When you approach your business as a means to serve people (your customers), the genuine approach comes across in your presentations and in your passion about your product or service. If you do that, you will create customers who will go out of their way to work with you, the sales will come in, and you will be successful financially as well as fulfilled in your job.”

I think we can all learn from Cathy’s advice to think of our role as salespeople more as SERVING and not SELLING.

Alexandria Agresta – Co-Founder, Purpose Pioneers

Alex believes in creating a world where people find meaning in their work and experience real-time fulfillment. No more waiting for a paycheck or summer vacation— people feel whole all the time. We wake up everyday to create a world where organizations put their purpose first in all that they do, to create a culture where employees love their job and customers champion the brand.

She focuses on PURPOSE and TRANSFORMATION in her response

“Transformation first, profit second. When you set out to positively transform someone’s life, leadership and business, the money will come. And a lot of it.”

Alex has a certain energy about her that is very hard to explain until you meet her, but it’s as authentic as it gets and you can tell that she lives each day with a purpose.   Alex believes in creating thriving communities where people feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to create real human connection.

Molly McCoy | Founder| hrQ

Molly has started several successful businesses in the HR and recruiting space and most recently she has ventured into the online flower delivery business (



“What I tell aspiring entrepreneurs is even if you have the best product or service, someone on the team must know how to and want to sell it. Second, admit you’re in sales.”

All entrepreneurs go through this at some point.  The realization that I better get out there and pound the pavement and start selling, because no-one else is going to do it.