Many of the leads that you have are not going to buy right away. It is, therefore, your responsibility to nurture them until they are prepared to make their purchase. Nurturing leads is similar to nurturing anything else – it requires patience. You also have to be creative in your approach so you don’t bore your leads to the point that they stop following you.

We have a few tips to help you nurture leads better and more creatively.

Make Your Emails Interactive

It’s important to send emails to your leads periodically. However, you have to be cautious. It’s easy to send out boring emails that tend to talk more about your business than addressing the pain points of your average consumer. This is why you want to make your emails more interactive.

You will be able to enjoy a higher level of audience engagement. Interactive elements can vary based on your target audience. This includes such things as interactive quizzes, calculators, infographics, surveys, gifts, product ratings, navigation menus, and even a hovering mouse.

If you plan on hosting an event, be sure to include an “add it to the calendar” option. When there is more to click in an email, it allows people to interact with the content. Plus, you can see which aspects are more popular by following the email analytics leader on.

Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Video did a whole lot more than kill the radio star. When people watch a video, they are able to retain more of the message than if they were to read it. This means that you need to focus on a video marketing strategy that will help you to connect with your target audience.

There are a number of ways for you to create videos. This includes product explain her videos, geolocation video advertisements, and customer testimonial videos. You can even choose to host webinars and share the links so that people who can’t watch them live will be able to catch up on the content at a later date.

Up Your Game on Content

The content on your website should help people to navigate through the sales funnel. When you’re able to engage people from your site, you’re doing something right.

There are a few things that you can do when it comes to nurturing.

Consider a quiz that will help people to determine what product or service they need. It will make your site more interesting and help people to understand the importance of what you have to offer.

You can also use calculators on your pricing page. It helps people with a purchasing decision and shows that you’re focused on making it easier for people.

All of the content on your site should have a purpose. If you have a lot of filler, it might be time to focus on new content. When you have content that leads to a higher level of engagement, it also improves your search engine optimization.

Get Savvy with Social Media

Social media is by far one of the best marketing tools that you have. You should be on the platform where your target audience spends their time. This could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others.

If you’re not posting, or posting boring comments, people will “unlike” or stop following you. There are too many interesting people on social media to simply go with being average.

You can improve your savviness with social media by going live, telling Instagram stories, and even using the Events app to share more about what’s going on with you, such as with webinars you’re hosting or in-store specials you have going on.

There are so many ways to nurture leads, so there’s no reason for people to get bored.

Learn more about nurturing leads at Kaizen Sales. We look forward to helping you reach your many marketing goals.