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Every day, we get bombarded with thousands of messages from the media – on websites, through email, from text messages, on television, from social media platforms, and more. But how many of these messages do we actually remember? Turns out, it’s a very small fraction. So, if you want to make your marketing efforts really count, it’s important to get creative and keep your tactics fresh. With marketing automation tools, you can create engaging and relevant messages that people remember. Read on for some great tips on how to use marketing automation to boost your marketing strategy.

Make It Personal.

Personalized emails see a much higher conversion rate, with only a little effort on your end. With marketing automation, you can personalize emails with first and last names, and you can enter a name of the sender as well. This way, people feel not only that they are recognized, but that they are actually connecting with a real person on the other end. You can even assign sales representatives to potential customers as they inch closer towards their first purchase. From there, have emails come directly from that sales rep, and even make a phone call that comes from the same rep.

Customize What Users See.

Customers aren’t interested in content that isn’t relevant to them, and having to dig through content that isn’t useful may even turn them off to your whole blog or website. Marketing automation software has the potential to gather so much data on each individual user based on search and purchase history, so use that to your advantage! From there, you can customize calls to action, and target messaging so that it’s both relevant and engaging to the people who land on your site.

Use Social Media Tools.

Social media platforms have been dipping their feet into automation lately, and these platforms are now packed with some powerful tools. Use an automation tool to pick through users on relevant social media platforms, and single out those who may be great leads. From there, you can start to reach out to them, and make personal connections. There are tools that you can use to find potential customers who are already seeking out information about your products or business. Reach out to those people, ask if they have any questions, and work hard to make them feel like they’re getting special treatment.

Be Sure your Website Meets Their Needs.

Modifying your website in real time based on customers’ behavior may seem complicated, but with marketing automation, you can target certain audiences (i.e. repeat customers, return visitors, new visitors, etc.) and give them content that is more relevant to where they are in the buyer journey. From there, you can get creative! Use popups, targeted content, or personalized messages to engage with the customer. This way, users are getting information that’s actually helping them, and you’re one step closer to making a sale!

Hit Them With Stellar Recommendations.

Having good and reliable recommendations is just as effective as asking a sales rep for recommendations in person. You’ve seen giant retailers like Amazon use this system, so you know it has to work! If a user views a product page, seeing related or recommended products can help users find what they were looking for. This can cut down on search time for users and make the overall user experience more pleasant.

Make marketing automation a part of your marketing strategy, and use automation tools to increase conversions, boost personalization, and multiply your customer satisfaction! These tools are easy to implement, and with a little bit of trial and error, can really make a huge difference in your customer’s journey.