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Hi. Dave Northrop, founder of Kaizen Sales here, and today I wanted to share with you some things I’ve learned about goal setting. This is the foundation of any strategic planning process and very, very important to get this right.



First, I talk a lot about alignment. It’s very important that any goal you set is aligned with your values. If you haven’t looked at this in a while, I would challenge you to come up with your top three values. These are things like sustainability, integrity, trust, customer service. Whatever your values are that are most important to you, make sure that your decisions and your goals that you set align with those. It’s extremely powerful and adds to the commitment from you and your team if they all align.


Second, this is all about how you spend your time. I call it emptying the trash. We all have so many different things that get us pulled in different directions on a daily basis. We need to have a very intentional mindset every day with our time and our behaviors. And clarity; we need clarity around doing everything with intention.


And then lastly, come up with an action plan. Set milestones for yourself. Come up with a process for 30, 60, and 90 days; check-ins to hold yourself accountable for attaining those goals.