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Hi Dave Northrop, founder of Kaizen Sales and today I wanted to talk about another important part of the strategic planning process and that is “What’s your purpose”.


First, I have a tip for crafting your WHY. If you have ever tried to do this, it’s not that easy to do, so here’s a simple way to do it and yes you can try this at home. For me it’s…

“I help …(NOUN – who is your ideal client?) business leaders and their sales teams

By…(VERB – how do you help people?) teaching the Kaizen Sales systems and tools

So they can… (VERB – what transformation do they experience?) grow sustainably and efficiently”

I’m sure all of you, no matter what you do , It’s easier for you doctors and teachers and certain types of professions, and it’s a little harder for us salespeople to do this, but I challenge you to try this at home and come up with what works for you.


Second, how are we creating a culture that is differentiated attracts the types of employees and customers that we want? We differentiate on how we communicate. If you start using this kind of a WHY statement when people ask you about what you do… I guarantee you this will change your conversations.


Lastly, I always get asked “How do we continue to show value? It’s so hard. My product is commoditized.” I would argue that no matter if you’re selling a commoditized product or you are a person that cleans office buildings, if you talk about the transformation that you make for the people that you’re trying to help, you will be showing value for that person.

Thanks for listening and talk to you soon.