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I must admit, until very recently, I had no good way to use data to prioritize my best qualified leads.
I was constantly looking for better ways to segment and prioritize my leads and come up with some sort of scoring system to rank them.
I have finally figured out a system and I want to share it with you.
Isabelle Hundrev from G2 gives us a great definition in her article


The main goal of lead scoring is to save salespeople time and maximize the overall efficiency of the sales process. If you’re able to visualize your highest and lowest quality leads before you begin reaching out to them, then your plan of attack can be much more strategic.

Here are the steps if you want to create a similar system.  You don’t need any fancy technology.  All of this could be done with a spreadsheet, the marketing automation just simplifies all of the processes and allows you to do everything within one umbrella.

1. Create a scoring system based on Fit and Engagement of your ideal prospect.  Everyone has a CRM of some sort….whatever your contact management system of choice, make sure it allows you to create custom fields and assign points based on how they meet certain criteria.  You will also need to create a scoring system based on how the person has engaged with your business digitally.  This can include the following types of engagements if needed.

  • Form Fills
  • Website visits
  • Specific Page visits
  • Video Views
  • Media Library views
  • Email Clicks
  • Social Media Activity

2. Create Automations based on your point system.  One example would be to notify the marketing team once a lead enters into a certain point range.  The marketing team will want to add this lead to specific campaigns based on their fit and engagement to this point.  Depending on the size of  your team, you could then handoff this lead to a sales development team that would be responsible for following up and maybe scheduling an appointment for the key account manager.

3. Create dynamic lists that allow you to move prospects through these campaigns automatically.  Lists that are based on lead scoring points can be a great place to focus your time and improve your team’s efficiency.  Whether you are a marketing strategist, front line salesperson, sales manager, or small business owner, these techniques can help you manage your most important asset, your time, more effectively.

Check out the video below for a real demo of how this system works.