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sales is all about inspiring someone else to make a change in the way they are currently doing business.

kaizen is all about inspiring a change for the better in the way you approach sales prospecting, discovery, demos or proposals.

let us guide you and your team as you look for new ways to inspire your prospects to change for the better.

Map of Buyer's Journey

Develop a strategy to match the content type and platform to the specific sales process stages and persona targets for your business

Content Marketing Plan

Generate a plan to help you develop various types of content for each stage of the sales process

Segmented List Building

Develop Account Based outbound strategies and create dynamic lists to help with targeted content marketing

Single Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns

Customize a dashboard to launch and track all of your various marketing campaigns

Persona Development

Create personas for your specific target audience.

End to End Campaign ROI Analytics

Gain insights into which campaigns are outperforming others and make quick decisions on where to spend your marketing budget

Landing Page Design and Creation

Learn how to build simple landing page funnels to capture lead information and further provide valuable content

More Efficient Lead Nurturing

Automate workflows and provide valuable content along the entire buyer’s journey.

Continuous Improvement Strategy

Implement a strategy that will allow you to treat your sales organization the same way as other business and manufacturing processes

Align Digital Sales and Marketing Strategies

Customize a strategy to follow your prospects throughout their entire lifecycle.

Dynamic Lead Scoring

Assign points to prospects based on their interactions with your company over time.  This is extremely helpful in transitioning leads from Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads.

Simplified Targeted Messaging

Simplify your messaging to your target audience to reflect what is resonating with those specific buyer personas.

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